7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

Maximum 7 hours, that’s how long you may spend time sleeping each night or working each day. Kids in the age 8-18 spend each day on TV, Mobile and especially nowadays into social media and Online games for example PUBG.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

On the other hand, there is a concern growing for this generation of children in two centuries to have shorter life expectancy than their parents, fueled by obesity epidemic and health conditions experienced by this generation of indoor gaming kids. On a serious note this generation destined to live less hours with many hours spent staring at screens?

We hope that should not be the case. As everyone aware previous first lady Michelle Obama initiated a campaign to fight child obesity and National wildlife federation has requested Surgeon general to promote health benefits of outdoor time for children.

Kids not able to watch the screen and text or play online games when they building a snowman, splashing in a stream, digging in garden, climbing trees or scaling a rock wall.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

Here are the 8 Amazing tips to Happy and Healthy Kids:

1. Role Model:

As everyone know, for most of the kids their parents are the role model. If they see you plop on the couch and watching TV, they will also do the same. Simultaneously if they see you going for hiking or digging the garden, they will be inclined to dig and hike as well.

2. Think wisely:

Always you have to think outside the box. When you give an expensive gift to your child, they will promptly rip it open and they will start playing with the gift paper and the box. Just skip the expensive toys, breakout glass jars in order to catch and release insects. You can use gift boxes or shoe boxes for display and stow keepsake shells, dried leaves, rocks and other found treasures. It is often said that the best toy for kids are 10% of creativity and 90% of imagination.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

3. Share your Stories:

You have to share your childhood stories which you heard from your grandparents because nowadays I am not sure still how many elderly people are doing this or in other words not sure how many of them are ready to hear from them. Share your childhood games, your unforgettable incidents or build a tree house for them or run through the sprinkles to create new memories.

4. Watch and Listen Carefully:

You have to keep a track of your child’s outdoor activities. What activities they are doing and what they are talking about often. Encourage those activities and build on them. Try to find out their inner talents and lead them to grow in that field. Finding the inner talents of a kid is very important for parents because many of them are not allowing them to explore and dumping them to do another activity. Many Parents are doing this mistake, try to find out what your child is capable of. Every kid will be capable of something, finding that one is the toughest part here.

5. Sculpt:

You have to provide a chance to your children to move and create, it’s like you are sculpting their brains. Play fosters connections and prunes. As kids already knew to sculpt sand and snow, they will sculpt their future.

6. Safety:

Every parents major concern is safety, that’s why most of them are not allowing their children to play outside. Just organize a play-date which really is about playing.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

7. Opportunities:

Create an opportunity for them, at any cost don’t over schedule them or yourself. Leave open the little doors, even if only for ten minutes, in order to goof off and move around and explore new things. Instead of staring a screen, outdoor activity is much better.

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Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

Emotions are the pivotal part of everyone’s lives. Either a funny text message can make you laugh or heavy traffic on the way to office can make you frustrated, one thing you should always know that highs and lows you experience significantly will affect your well-being.

Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control
Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

You should be able to regulate or control your emotions, in turn affects how you are perceived by people around you. When you are laughing at that text during a serious team meeting definitely you are likely to get some awkward look from the others in the room. On the other side, if you get into a fight with the taxi driver who cuts you off in traffic, it will cause unwanted trouble and it’s like risking your life.

Emotions is not science, psychologists still debating the mind connection in emotional activities.  If emotion is appropriate to the situation and helps you to feel better, then there is no need to worry about changing the way you are handling things. You can also express your frustration in other ways which allows you to release those angry moments or try some other way to calm yourself down.

When you are frustrated or being angry, calm yourself, may be more easily said than done. When you lose your temper and express the outrage to everyone, your emotions would cost you even close relationships, your health or sometimes you might lose your job.

Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control
Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

5 Ways to Get your Emotions under Control:

1. Realize the Situation:

Sometimes you need to avoid some circumstances which triggered unwanted emotions. When you know that you will most likely get angry when you are in a hurry, then don’t extend the things till the last minute. Try to avoid that situation to happen. Leave the place before 10 minutes or reach office before the actual time you need to and you won’t be bothered so much in the traffic.

2. Change the Situation:

The Emotion where everyone is trying to reduce is the disappointment. You are always expecting something, for example you like to serve “perfect meal” to friends and family, but when something goes wrong and at the end only huge disappointment remains. You try to modify the situation by finding the best recipes which is within your range of ability.

3. Attentional focus:

Let’s assume a situation where you constantly feel inferior to the people around you who looks great. For example, when you are at the gym, you notice the regulars on weight machines who lift three times as much as you can. You will feel low and can’t help but watch with envy and wonder at what they are able to do. You should change your focus from them to your fellow gym rats who will help you feel more confident about your abilities. Just focus on what you are doing and eventually you will gain some strength you desire.

4. Changing your thoughts:

Deepest emotions are beliefs which drive them to the core. You feel low or sad when you believe you have lost something. By having a second thoughts you may not be able to change the situation but at least you could change the way you believe the situation is affecting you.

5. Change your response:

If everything goes wrong and you can’t able to avoid just modify your focus or change your thoughts on the alternate response. The final motto is to realize the situation accordingly and get control of your response. In some situation, you might leave some unwanted words, you should see the situation from other side, later you will realize how you reacted in the situation and the next second your mind will say you could have reacted in a different way. Similarly, when you can’t stop laughing when everyone looks serious, gather your inner resources and try to change your facial expression.

Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control
Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

These 5 steps approach is the one that you can readily adapt to the most characteristic situation that causes you trouble. Mainly if someone knows that you are emotionally weak definitely that will hurt to try to play with your emotions. Very importantly you should build your confidence. With continuous practice you will be able to turn the negativity into positivity. Good Luck!

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Don’t Give up | Five Secret Mantras which Leads you to Success

Why do we call “Failure Leads to Success”, for most of the people failure is a scary word. After years of conditioning by parents, education system and teachers, they have taught that failure is the one which needs to be avoided and in all your works no failure should be there. If there is any failure, then we feel low and some feel like their life is done.

Don’t Give up | Five Secret Mantras which Leads you to Success
Don’t Give up | Five Secret Mantras which Leads you to Success

The environmental truth is that failure is inevitable and at the end without any doubt if you keep on trying, failure will lead to success. For example, when you take the best people in all respective fields, at the beginning they would have faced n-number of failures. Bill Gates is one of the richest man in the world, but at the beginning when he tried to start a company, it was a huge loss. Famous author Steven King’s popular novel, Carrie, was rejected more than 30 times before it got published.

When you see every successful person, there will be a failure story within him. Just they all learnt from their mistakes in failures and used them as a key to the success.  

Listed out the five ways where you can lead your failure to success:

Learn from the Mistakes:

Mistakes is the precious and gifted opportunity to learn something new in depth with the work you have done. The least it teaches you not to repeat the same mistake and never be afraid of making them. Till you reach your success, there will be more failures and mistakes than you will ever remember, but if you take it as a lesson from each mistakes and you will get more wisdom who never dares anything will.

Don’t Give up | Five Secret Mantras which Leads you to Success
Don’t Give up | Five Secret Mantras which Leads you to Success

Failure teach where you stand at your work:

Knowing about yourself is the important factor in achieving success. Few things teach about ourselves, like where you stand at the work you are doing and how far you are aware about the same. Failure means you have courage, you have the strength to endure and face it. It shows you that you have the capacity to face all kinds of failures and to accept them and value them as an experience. It’s very important to remind ourselves what lead up to a particular failure.

Don’t try to Hide your failure:

We all have a mind-set to remember our victories alone and forgot our failures. It will be very useful if you keep a track of your failures. Talk to yourself about the failures and keep a journal and reminders of your failures. The idea is to not to completely think about the failure, but to value them and use it as an experience in order to avoid the same mistake in future.

Don’t Give up | Five Secret Mantras which Leads you to Success
Don’t Give up | Five Secret Mantras which Leads you to Success

Failure is the road to Success:

It seems illogic but a failure by definition is an unplanned outcome. It will route you to a path you would otherwise have avoided. It will take you to a place you would otherwise never have gone. If any unplanned things happened, we should consider it as an opportunity. Pay close attention to the opportunities that your failures give you and indeed you have to be open to them.

Failure is a Part of Success:

Without failure there is no success, failure is a part of success and opposite of success is apathy. Those who have failed many times are the people that succeed most often. Without giving up, they try again and again until they reach the success. You will never make it, if you quit at the first loss.

So the point here is, don’t feel low and stop when you face any failures. Use them as an experience and keep on trying at one point you will reach your success. Good luck!

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Running Vs Walking | Which one is Better? | Reason for Failure!

Runners really likes about the intensity of the sport, while on the other hand, walkers would love more their activity can helps promote better health. However, many would debate that either walking or running are really suitable for weight loss?

Many would argue over to against walking and running for exercise, since losing weight should consider the additional. Here are the facts before you had decided to walk or run for effective weight loss.

Running Vs Walking | Which one is Better? | Reason for Failure!
Running Vs Walking | Which one is Better? | Reason for Failure!

Study of Walking Vs Running:

Study had conducted about walking versus running, whether they effect on practitioner’s appetites. Researchers of the studies had witness some slight difference in the way the practitioner is eating, right after they participate in each activity. What they witness is that both runners and walkers end up eating less after exercising, instead of after rest. However, they also discovered that runners tend to eat lesser than walkers when the energy is being used up due to the activities. Indeed, runners were frequently consuming lesser calories than they burned off during the running.

The walkers also eat fewer calories after their walking exercise session, but the calorie burn off was not much as running due to the exercise intensity difference between walking and running. The researchers also discovered the energy consumption was lowest, whenever exercise was at higher intensity such as running. Thus, the summary result of the study shows that walkers were actually carrying more body fat then the runners, due to the fat or calorie burn off was lesser when walking.

Running Vs Walking | Which one is Better? | Reason for Failure!
Running Vs Walking | Which one is Better? | Reason for Failure!

Best Suitable Exercise:

Due to the research result does not mean that you should get rid of walking workout. Perhaps not, since if you have a regular walking program scheduled, then the results of a single small study shouldn’t influence your efforts to burn calories with your ways of walking program activity. The best part is that walking also results in helping you to eat lesser. However, those who are capable of performing higher intensity exercise, then you should add 1 or 2 harder workouts such as running, into your schedule to additionally burn off your calorie you desired.

Still, you need to keep in mind that running isn’t always the best weight loss exercise for everyone, some runners can even gain weight in some situations. Especially for the runners who begin to run way too fast or added miles too quickly, thus may end up overdo it and easily injured. If that happened, it is indeed way harder to burn enough calories to lose weight when you are recovering on the couch because of injure exercises.

Do you lose weight by Walking or Running?:

Since no clear winner in either walkers vs runners debate, then both activities provide benefits for weight loss and to help improved overall health. However, the studies had suggested that the best exercise for weight loss was indeed the type of exercise that you actually keep doing on a regular basis.

Running Vs Walking | Which one is Better? | Reason for Failure!
Running Vs Walking | Which one is Better? | Reason for Failure!

The most important tips for weight loss are consistency, whether you are walking or running, the regularity of any activities was crucial for weight loss. If you had discovered that by walking on schedule basis can helps you to lose weight, then keep doing it. The key of weight loss is to ensure you get out and walk most days of the week, no matter what is your pace, your shoes and get going in tracks.

You can lose more weight by walking when you include some hills, or walking a few more intervals to boost the intensity and burn more calories. You should schedule more than 1 walking workout per day, because walking activity isn’t too exhausting enough in calorie burn off wise. But for those who love to run, then keep your running schedule going as long as your joints were still healthy enough to perform. Hills are much suggested since it is as very effective option to be included for runners, or even walker, since they are speed intervals especially intensity makes you pause and keep going.

If it is possible, include some cross training such as strength exercise, swimming, cycling and high intensity intervals training, for intensiveness keep you stay motivated over long run and allows your body to break through miles you familiar with. There are also suggestions that by including walking workouts into your running schedule in order to boost your hips health and working out your glutes.

Thus with either running or walking, you can burn calories, build strength, decreases stress and keeps your body in good and healthy shape as long as you ensure to do any of the exercise consistently.

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Diabetes Symptoms | How to Find Whether You Have Diabetes ?

What actually causes Diabetes?

The Prominent things of Human Lifestyle, Genetics which is unstoppable and indeed environment could be the causes of Diabetes. Unhealthy Food, Overweight or obese problem and not exercising regularly there are all the major factors in developing Diabetes Especially Type II diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms | How to Find Whether You Have Diabetes ?
Diabetes Symptoms | How to Find Whether You Have Diabetes ?

How Diabetes Affects Your Body?

Over a period, high blood sugar (also known as hyperglycemia) can leads to Kidney related problems, Heart and blindness. Excess amount of sugar in bloodstream can damage the tiny blood vessels in your eyes and kidneys.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

Mainly early symptoms of diabetes are from higher than normal levels of glucose. At the initial stage the warning signs would be mild such that you can able to notice them. Especially for type – II diabetes some people won’t find out that they have a problem from long term damage caused.

For type – I diabetes the symptoms will occurs soon in matter of days or weeks and it is severe too.

Early Signs / Symptoms of Diabetes:


Our body will convert the food into glucose that the cells use for energy.  But actually cells need Insulin to take in the Glucose. If our body doesn’t make any insulin or your cells resist the insulin, the glucose can’t get in and won’t be able to produce energy. This causes hungrier and tired.

Often Urinating and Thirsty:

Usually average person has to urinate between 5-7 times in 24 hours, but the people who is diabetic may go beyond that. It’s because normally your body reabsorbs glucose as it is passes through the kidney. But in this case the diabetes pushes your blood sugar up, kidney may not be able t bring it back again. This forces you to urinate more often. As a result, when you pee more you will feel thirsty and again when you drink you will pee more.


Dry Mouth:

Just because your body is using the fluids to make pee and there is a possibility of less moisture for other things. You could easily get dehydrated, and lips may feel dry. Dry Skin can also make you Itchy.

Blur Vision:

Change of fluid levels often in body could make the lenses in your eyes swell up. It changes shape and you might not be able to focus.

Slow Wound Healing:

High blood sugar will affect your blood flow easily and cause nerve damage which makes it hard for body to heal wounds sooner.

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