Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

Emotions are the pivotal part of everyone’s lives. Either a funny text message can make you laugh or heavy traffic on the way to office can make you frustrated, one thing you should always know that highs and lows you experience significantly will affect your well-being.

Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control
Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

You should be able to regulate or control your emotions, in turn affects how you are perceived by people around you. When you are laughing at that text during a serious team meeting definitely you are likely to get some awkward look from the others in the room. On the other side, if you get into a fight with the taxi driver who cuts you off in traffic, it will cause unwanted trouble and it’s like risking your life.

Emotions is not science, psychologists still debating the mind connection in emotional activities.  If emotion is appropriate to the situation and helps you to feel better, then there is no need to worry about changing the way you are handling things. You can also express your frustration in other ways which allows you to release those angry moments or try some other way to calm yourself down.

When you are frustrated or being angry, calm yourself, may be more easily said than done. When you lose your temper and express the outrage to everyone, your emotions would cost you even close relationships, your health or sometimes you might lose your job.

Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control
Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

5 Ways to Get your Emotions under Control:

1. Realize the Situation:

Sometimes you need to avoid some circumstances which triggered unwanted emotions. When you know that you will most likely get angry when you are in a hurry, then don’t extend the things till the last minute. Try to avoid that situation to happen. Leave the place before 10 minutes or reach office before the actual time you need to and you won’t be bothered so much in the traffic.

2. Change the Situation:

The Emotion where everyone is trying to reduce is the disappointment. You are always expecting something, for example you like to serve “perfect meal” to friends and family, but when something goes wrong and at the end only huge disappointment remains. You try to modify the situation by finding the best recipes which is within your range of ability.

3. Attentional focus:

Let’s assume a situation where you constantly feel inferior to the people around you who looks great. For example, when you are at the gym, you notice the regulars on weight machines who lift three times as much as you can. You will feel low and can’t help but watch with envy and wonder at what they are able to do. You should change your focus from them to your fellow gym rats who will help you feel more confident about your abilities. Just focus on what you are doing and eventually you will gain some strength you desire.

4. Changing your thoughts:

Deepest emotions are beliefs which drive them to the core. You feel low or sad when you believe you have lost something. By having a second thoughts you may not be able to change the situation but at least you could change the way you believe the situation is affecting you.

5. Change your response:

If everything goes wrong and you can’t able to avoid just modify your focus or change your thoughts on the alternate response. The final motto is to realize the situation accordingly and get control of your response. In some situation, you might leave some unwanted words, you should see the situation from other side, later you will realize how you reacted in the situation and the next second your mind will say you could have reacted in a different way. Similarly, when you can’t stop laughing when everyone looks serious, gather your inner resources and try to change your facial expression.

Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control
Live a Stress Free Life | 5 Ways to Get Your Emotions Under Control

These 5 steps approach is the one that you can readily adapt to the most characteristic situation that causes you trouble. Mainly if someone knows that you are emotionally weak definitely that will hurt to try to play with your emotions. Very importantly you should build your confidence. With continuous practice you will be able to turn the negativity into positivity. Good Luck!

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5 Reasons why you need to walk daily?

As everyone know walking is the man’s best medicine. Walking along with proper sleep and balanced diet can help you to get rid of doctors. 15-30 minutes of walking every day can drastically change a person’s overall appearance as well as health.




Walking will actually give you a positive mind for the entire day. It prevents early dementia, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and improves the mental health.

Prevent Heart problems:

According to the research walking is no longer less than running when it comes to prevention of heart related diseases. It reduces the high blood pressure level to lower and controls cholesterol level by improving blood circulation.

Increase lung volume:

Walking is an aerobic exercise which increases oxygen flow in the bloodstream and helps train your lungs, as well as eliminate toxins and waste. Because of better and deeper breathing some symptoms associated with lung diseases may also be relieved.

Improve Digestion:

30-45 minutes of walking daily will not only lower the risk of colon cancer in the future but improve our digestion and constipation by helping to regulate our bowel movements.

Bones and Joints:

Walking daily can actually provide more joint mobility, prevent loss of bone mass and even reduce the risk of fractures. Generally, doctors recommend walking moderately at least 30 minutes a day on a regular basis to reduce pain in your joints, along with stiffness and inflammation. 


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal that we must not skip in order to stay healthy, and not to gain pounds. The school or work schedules of many people have made them to perpetually skip breakfast.

Our body, just like any other organism, needs a fuel to be able to work properly. But those who skip breakfast tend to eat more portions of food than usual at the next meal. There are so many reasons why people shouldn’t skip breakfast, but here are the main ones:

Healthy breakfast

Helps to maintain a healthy weight

People who eat breakfast have a much better chance of losing pounds. When you skip meals, you feel so hungry by lunch that you eat too much food. The National Weight Control Registry reports that 90 % of people who eat breakfast daily lost 30 or more pounds and have kept their weight off.

While you might think the easiest way to cut calories is to skip a meal altogether, eating throughout the day helps maintain and speed up your metabolism. If you eat a healthy whole grain breakfast paired with fruits, your body will feel more satisfied and you will not feel the urge to reach for that mid-day snack to help curb your hunger.

Keeps your heart healthy

People who don’t eat breakfast are going to be hungrier later in the day and eat more food than necessary. Those meals mean the body must process a higher number of calories in a shorter time period. That can lead to clogged arteries and cause spike sugar levels in the blood.

Most breakfasts are nutritious, low in cholesterol, low in fat, high in protein, and high in vitamins. These are all the stepping stones needed to maintain a healthy heart and an overall healthy lifestyle. Just avoid the donuts and the pastries on a daily basis.

Breakfast improves metabolism

Your blood sugar level drops down in the morning, so you need food that can provide you energy to get through the day. Our body needs fuel to keep it running, and the nighttime is the longest time in the refueling process. To keep your metabolism in a good shape you need to eat breakfast at least 2 hours of waking up.

Increased energy level

If you skip breakfast, it is possible that your organism may be up to 12 hours or longer without any food taken. By this point, your muscles need more glycogen, for energy, so the longer you don’t eat, the more glycogen your muscles use, and the less energy you have. Skipping breakfast is a common factor among those who have sedentary lifestyles, and in order to change that lifestyle you must keep your energy level high, eat a healthy breakfast each day.

Better concentration

When you feel hungry for a longer time, besides feeling the physical effects, such as headaches, weakness, and stomach discomfort, you can have mental effects too. Hunger affects your mood, concentration, and alertness, which can be very frustrating. Eating a healthy breakfast that mixes fruits and vegetables, low-fat protein food and whole grains, helps improve your concentration and focus, and allows you to stay productive through lunch.

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Dessert after meal?

There is a common habit within the people after having meal to have a dessert to fulfill the meal course. Without that they won’t feel complete. People who are in diet will sometimes ask why can’t i have just a piece of sweet after meal. Quantity doesn’t matter, a drop of poison will make the entire bowl poisoned. It is not a healthy habit to have sweets after meals. Already the required proteins, vitamins, sugar, fibre etc will be there in the meal. If you add more sugar to it then having diet meal is a complete mess. Instead try to have fruits. Thats the better way to make you feel fulfilled.

If you still feel like having sweet, then there is an alternate for white sugar. You can have Brown sugar(contains molasses), Coconut sugar(made up from coconut palm tree) or Natural Honey. You can have sweets made up with these ingredients but with less quantity and mainly give a time gap from your meal. Your meal should get digested or else it will get collapsed.

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21st Century Concern

Hello minds! In the modern era, most of our concerns falls on our appearance. Either we want to look fair, to reduce weight and look slim or to grow more taller. May be sometimes being more taller is a concern for some. These are all the God’s little trick to make you feel concern all time. Because if there is no problems or concerns in your life then you are going in the wrong way. Problems and failures should be there in your life in order to lead a successful life.

So lets not focus on the problems/issues now. In this article, we will focus on the people who are trying to reduce their weight and look slim. Of course, I am one of the victim who tried to reduce the weight all time in life and achieved by understanding my body. After that my life has changed, it’s like a new chapter of your life. You can wear the dresses you were longing to wear for long time when you do that your confidence level will increase and you will have a positive energy with you. OK! lets talk about why people are being fat? Do you think fat guys are eating a lot? The answer is a big NO.

There are many reasons there of being fat. Either it can be genetic problem or your mind is not sync with your body. You should communicate with your body, you should understand what type of foods your body can accept. One of the major reason for overweight is stress eating. people will eat more when they are in complete stress, continuous failures in business, couldn’t get a new job, etc.. Like this we can list out many. You have to overcome the stress, rather than focusing on food, you can do the things which you like the most. Hear your favorite songs or watch your favorite hero’s movie. When I got stressed from my work I will read novels or I will play online games. Thats depends on the individuals.

Currently many new technologies, equipments and medicines arrived for weight loss. The results will be very sooner but once you stopped following them you will be doubled the size of your previous weight. Moreover in future many complications and side effects will come. Some don’t have the patience and falling into the latest technology traps. Remember one thing this is my favorite mantra and I keep on murmuring into my mind ” If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done” So minds just understand your body and feed what it can accept.

Just a small hack – avoid junk foods, don’t skip your breakfast, evening before 6 PM finish off your dinner, instead of having more quantity of food at a time split your meal and mainly try to avoid sugar which is the major reason for weight gain and some deadly diseases. Have more boiled vegetables and fruits. So eat healthy and have a healthy life. I will write a specific blog about diet plans and actual side effects of Sugar. Till then stay healthy, Happy Dieting!!

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