Olive Oil Vs Vegetable Oil | Which One is Good for Health?

You may be a bit surprised and overwhelmed by opting to choose which types of best available oil in most markets such as Vegetable oil, Olive oil, Canola Oil, Safflower Oil and so on. There are interesting varieties including just these standard oils namely the commonly used olive and vegetable oils. Oils seems to present with different health and cooking benefits, but what exactly are these benefits?

Olive Oil Vs Vegetable Oil | Which One is Good for Health?
Olive Oil Vs Vegetable Oil | Which One is Good for Health?

Usually oils are comprised with benefits of heart healthy or good fats, and also certain amount of artery clogging or bad fats. Good fats are coming from monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, which both helps to lower total cholesterol and lower bad LDL cholesterol type. However, there are bad fats coming from saturated fat and trans fat of oil, which both can cause rise in LDL cholesterol.

Benefits and When to use which type of Oils:

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is made from the natural juice which is derived from the olive fruit. Certainly, olive oil is the only natural vegetable also can be intake directly from freshly pressed of its olive fruit.

Olive oil has the largest amount of heart healthy monounsaturated fat compared to all other naturally produced oils that help to lowers bad LDL cholesterol, thus reduce fatty deposits in arteries and the risk of blockages.

As your body’s bad cholesterol lowered, you get to reduce that risk of commonly used faced disease and stroke.

Virgin Olive oil also packs with compound of poly-phenol, which is known as an antioxidant that protects your body from free radical damage. Those who are suffering from Ulcers or Gastritis, you can utilize the benefits of olive oil to helps activate bile and pancreatic hormones in order to ease the symptoms. Furthermore, Olive oil has proven with the ability to lower the occurrence of gallstones.

Since Olive oil has a low smoke point, this is why it’s best to makes it as the preferred oil when requiring to cook in medium to high heat, like when you are stir-frying or Pan searing foods. Olive oil has a distinctive taste that when being used to flavour certain foods like Pastas or Grilled Vegetables.

What is Vegetable Oil?

Vegetable Oil is usually produced by blending the oils from a variety of nuts, fruits and seeds. The common types of varieties blended as the common vegetable oil includes olive oil, soybean oil, corn oil safflower oil and peanut oil.

Vegetable oil also packed with similar heart healthy benefits as olive oil because the vegetable oil is a blend of heart healthy oils, such as canola oil and olive oil. In cooking perspective, vegetable oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil, thus it is a better option when cooking at extremely high temperatures.

Olive Oil Vs Vegetable Oil | Which One is Good for Health?
Olive Oil Vs Vegetable Oil | Which One is Good for Health?

Vegetable oil also has nearly no distinctive taste, so it is great for those who are using it for baking or coking foods. To bring out the original flavour of distinctive dishes, most would prefer the flavour of the vegetable oil because it will not overshadow or impact the overall flavour of the dish.

Olive Oil Vs Vegetable Oil:

Without a doubt Olive oil wins over Vegetable oil due to high amount of mono-unsaturated good fats that is three times higher than vegetable oil. Yet, you can find good amount of polyunsaturated good fat is in olive oil too.

However, vegetable oil wins over olive oil when it comes to saturated bad fat. Olive oil contains a marginally a bit high level of saturated fat than vegetable oil. Although vegetable oil does not packed with that many beneficial nutrients than found in olive oil, yet it is still good for your heart. Because vegetable oil is generally low in saturated bad fats, yet also packed with rich amount in omega-3 fatty acids and other monounsaturated fats good fat that help to promote your body’s healthy cardiovascular function.

In the aspect of price comparison, olive oil is quite costlier from vegetable oil because of its natural olive fruits being used only. The big difference when comparing both is that you can definitely define olive oil has more health benefits, thus it is more well-known made from natural olive oil when compared to vegetable oil. If you are preparing certain dishes, include olive oil into dishes in order to absorb the huge list of heart healthy and disease fighting benefits. Since the olive oil of extra virgin and virgin actually keeps much of the flavour of the olives from when they are being pressed, so it brings you the benefits of flavorful tasty dips or dressing dishes. While you can also use vegetable oil that has relatively bland taste, yet is more suitable for cooking and baking purposes.

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Why Punctuality is Important | Importance of Time

Being occasionally late for dinner or a holiday party is quite acceptable, but being late for the workplace or School is definitely not a good practice. Punctuality is very important if your work includes shift or team involvement required. Though your work not involved in any kind of daily requirement your boss or co-workers might notice if you regularly come late or having difficulty in meeting project deadlines. Punctuality will give your boss the reliability that you are taking your job seriously and dedicatedly working on client requirements and demands. When there is an opportunity for promotion or On-site role, this will score points with your supervisor.

Why Punctuality is Important | Importance of Time
Why Punctuality is Important | Importance of Time

This also has a great impact on your personal life as well. If you are punctual you can finish your work on time and leave office early and spend some precious time with your family which is very important for life.

Meeting the Deadlines:

Punctuality is the key factor for success. If you are punctual, it will help you to complete the projects and assignments effectively. Professional like Writers, Journalists, accountants, Producers and Software Professionals will have daily, weekly and monthly deadlines. Meeting the deadlines and delivering the product will make the clients happy and as a result you might get more deals from the same client. If you are not punctual and when you fail to deliver it on time, not only a disappointment to the client and the future deals will go to some other firm.

Learning to be Punctual:

Punctuality should be taught from the beginning stage of our life. Perhaps the first lesson taught in school is “How to be Punctual in Life”. Every small child need to reach their school in time to avoid the punishments. This gets instilled in our mind so well that adhering to time is considered as prime importance in our lives. A Person who is punctual in life, avoids a lot of tension and stress on being late to some place. A Person who gets late as a habit also develops another habit of lying as he has to think of some or other reason to be late. This way, a person who is not punctual in life also develops many other bad qualities within himself.

Why Punctuality is Important | Importance of Time
Why Punctuality is Important | Importance of Time

Everything in the world moves with time. Time is such a thing that cannot be retarded or advanced. We can retard or advance our clocks or watches, but in reality time cannot be retarded, stopped or advanced. Therefore, we need to move along with the time. Time management is very essential to achieve our goals. Any delay can cause a worry. Punctuality is much related to time. One has to be very punctual while doing things, while attending things, while promising things. It is the essence of life for satisfactory achievement of goals in our life. There are some movies out there which shows the importance of time and because of that how a person’s life / fate has changed. If you find time watch those movies and understand the importance of being punctual.

Punctuality is the secret of success in life and be a successful person.

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Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear | How to Overcome Fear?

When I think about fear, I used to think about a power that keeps me alive. And you can witness its very different from the way normally people think about fear, that it’s the bad thing that I should do everything to avoid. We turned fear into an enemy. And we can sing songs about the most important thing is to have no fear and you have those slogans “No Fear!” And as a man you learn to overcome fear and be brave and we can see that there is a lot of misunderstanding about what is fear and what should we do with it. The fact is that we’ll always be afraid. Every time something changes in the situation, which means, all the time, we are afraid, we don’t know what will happen next. And this kind of fear keeps us attentive, alive, on our toes and ready to adopt change, run away or whatever is necessary. Or think, okay?

Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear | How to Overcome Fear?
Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear | How to Overcome Fear?

To deal with the new situation. So fear allows us to really fit to the physical reality that is around us and not just to what is in our minds. So in a way, it’s a beneficial power. It comes to bring us a lot of energy and a lot of ability to concentrate, to think to make quick decisions. But we get trained from very young that fear is a bad thing. When we were small and we were afraid, it frightened out parents. And since they also didn’t want fear they tried to make us unafraid that they will not have to be afraid. Now this has been going on for many, many generations that every sign of fear is something that says we have to calm it down, push it down, pretend it’s not there, try to find solutions and you can see that we created a defense against fear that somehow pushes it away from us, it doesn’t allow us to really even experience what it is.

When teaching people how to allow fear and how to agree to be afraid, most of the time they are amazed at how wonderful it feels. In their mind it appears as a horrible kind of experience, as something terrible that they shouldn’t agree to, that it will be really bad, but when it happens, actually the experience is very different. For example, to stand in front of people and talk for those who are not professional, and many times even for professionals, is embarrassing.

We also look at the two types of fear we can meet in life. One is fresh fear. It’s happening now. The house is falling, if we don’t move now, very fast, we’re dead. So this kind of fear is immediate. You manage to escape, you run outside, you look at the house collapsing and your body starts to shake after, because what happens now? The fresh fear became old fear. It’s now a memory. It’s not happening anymore when you’re outside watching the house falling down. But what you have now is old fear that if you didn’t know how to allow fresh fear in your body and now it’s being stuck in your body and it gives you the experience of it’s happening now even if it’s not happening now. So you can see the misunderstand how to deal with fresh fear and we try to turn it into old fear. Old fear is old in the sense that it happened in the past, in history, not now. Our bodies respond to fresh fear now. We get filled up with energy, and unless we are trained to block fear, repress fear and freeze as a reaction to fear, then this energy makes us move. If we are too terrified of fear and we freeze then we are victims of the fear itself and instead of being beneficial it’s actually the fear that will kill us and not something else. So when we look at fresh fear and old fear, we can see another thing is that fresh fear, if it’s very long, we cannot be able to maintain it, we are unable to experience long fresh fear.

Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear | How to Overcome Fear?

When the new fear makes you to think or talk about it for more than three days, your ability to allow fear would be diminished greatly. You’d be exhausted and you will try to turn it into old fear in a way that it would not touch you anymore. It’s because our bodies are not designed for long fear. If you think of wild animals that we once were, If the lion came at us we either died and then no more fear or we managed to escape and if we survived, then this fear was a blessing. But imagine yourself running away from the lion for three days, constantly there is no tree high enough, there is no rock big enough and you’re running and running and the lion runs and runs

We are unable to actually deal with something like that and you can see that the traumas that leave the strongest mark on us are those either those that devastated us in a moment. If we got into an accident and we have now 20 broken bones and five surgeries and it was clear that in one moment it all happened, or long periods of time in which we were terrified, like being abused in childhood or being in a prison where we were tortured for long periods of time or we had to suffer all kinds of depravation under long circumstances, then our ability to deal with fresh fear is diminished greatly, we cannot maintain it for too long.

Pain and fear wake up the body’s immunity, strength, resistance, etc. and those kinds of power are what keep us in well-being and in health. You take away pain and fear and we don’t really have anything to fight for.

Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy – Part I

If being childless is a pain, losing by abortion is even more painful. The major reasons for this kind of incidents are tension and stress cannot be handled. Tension releases stress hormones, causing abortions. 10% – 20% of abortions happen spontaneously. Induced abortions are of 10%, rate of abortions reduces from 1st to 3rd trimesters. It is observed that first three months of pregnancy are more delicate than others. Main reason being, defective formation of embryo. Female egg and sperm combine to form an embryo.

Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy
Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy

To produce a healthy baby, it requires healthy uterus and a good embryo. Also other health concerns of mother should be addressed too.  If uterus and embryo are healthy enough, conceiving becomes easy. There are many instances regarding this kind of issue. No treatment or medication will come to rescue without having a healthy uterus and a good embryo. So the main concern here is to get mother’s health both physical and mental ready for conceiving. And indeed self-confident plays a pivotal role here.

During 2nd trimester mostly in 5th and 6th months, we find cases with uterus problems. And in the next level we face issues with blood circulation to the baby, high Bp and diabetes of the mother and baby in breach position happens. Possibility to conceive a healthy baby after an abortion is 90%. As the no of miscarriages increase, rate of conceiving reduces by 5% each time. It slides down to 50% after 4 or more abortions. For a woman after undergoing so many miscarriages, stress and tension are serious concerns. So stress needs to be addressed at the earliest as possible.

The another cause of abortion in 1st trimester is defective chromosomes, the major factor effecting the chromosomal abnormalities is environmental pollution, though we see 2-5% of defect in parental chromosomes. 10-15% due to hormonal imbalances. Immunological disorders and infections sharing each 5-10%. Air pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, ozone etc., effect too. Chemical solvents like mosquito repellents, paints, hair dyes, perfumes, plastic bottles, nail polish removers etc., effect the abortions in 1st trimester. These are known as endocrine disruptors and free radicals. These are known as endocrine disruptors and free radicals. One producers more estrogen hormones and the damages the quality of egg. Packaged, preserved, deep fried food and oils used to cook food and hydrogenated fats, dalda, sugar, and Maida will also cause problems.

Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy
Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy

It is highly advised to stop habits like smoking and consuming alcohol and also to put a check on the coffee consumption too is necessary. Men with habit of consuming 3 or more cups of coffee a day face problems like low sperm count and abnormalities in formation of embryo. Low thyroid levels also cause abortion risks. It effects both mother and baby. It is advised to get thyroid test done for pregnant women. As it effects babies too. Mothers with anemia, high Bp levels during 7-8th month pregnancy might result in low weight of baby, prematured delivery or abortions and other physical disabilities. Next, high levels of prolactin hormone might increase the chances of abortions. Both thyroid and hormones decrease the progesterone levels, causing abortions.

PCOD in women causes irregular periods due to high insulin levels in the body. It causes implantation problem. Progesterone at correct levels can move the embryo through tubes. It’s vital that Fallopian tubes are free to move after formation of egg. It brings the eggs to uterus. Lining layer of uterus should be in good condition. Consider this lining layer as the bed for the baby in the uterus. It’s important for the embryo to get attached to this layer. Progesterone plays a vital role in fetus implantation. There are 2 reasons for problem in foetal implantation to the uterus. 2/3rd of the problem is due to endometrium i.e., uterus and 1/3rd due to defect in fetus. We have to study the formation of egg and lining layer during every scan. It is always suggested to consume adequate water for better results during follicular study. Avoid coffee and tea, instead take green tea, it’s good in antioxidants. Taking more water influences the quality and functionality of eggs. Doing breathing exercises improve blood circulation, which helps in ovulation and implantation.

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Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?

Constipation is quite common problem faced by many women during pregnancy. Progesterone hormone reduces the movement of food. Due to sluggish bowel movement, constipation occurs.

Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?
Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?
Pregnancy Tips

If we observe keenly we can find the reasons as follows:

First, a bulk or enough stool should be formed and certain level of water is required too. In the absence of water, stool becomes hard and dry, it’s progress becomes difficult. Bowel movements should be god too. It depends upon mobility of the body. People with sedentary lifestyle like no minimal walking or physical exercise face this problem. Lack of enough body movement causes it too.

Next is psychological factor. Our beliefs and emotions too play a pivotal role here. Some people face difficulty in passing stool at any place other than their own bathrooms. They won’t feel free to do it. Also people under depression or undergoing tremendous stress face this problem, reason is reduced neuro transmitter levels making the bowel motility slower, resulting in constipation. Such people usually take comfort foods. With high carbohydrates, Maida and other kinds of fast foods. It causes clogging of food, sticking it to the intestines. It is always better to avoid such kind of foods.

In order to get enough bulk formation, we should take more fiber in our food. When added with water, it easily swells up and forms into a bulk. At least 25-30 grams of fiber should be consumed per day in our diet. We get good amount of fiber in pulses, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, seeds, etc. We need to increase its quantity in our diet gradually, else will have to deal with gas formation. All leafy vegetables, pulses, small grains, certain veggies have good fiver in them. Fruits are good sources of fiber too. Specially, banana, orange and guava are good for it.

Dry fruits like raisins, figs and dates are highly recommended. Flax seeds are a good source of fiber too. When tried and powdered, it can be consumed by mixing a table spoon of it with water or butter milk. Or by adding the powder to curries, or directly with the rice. Adequate water should be consumed after eating this.

These are the changes we need to make in our diet to get rid of Constipation. Some more vital ingredients for good fiber in our diet are coriander and cumin seeds.

Next comes consumption of adequate Water. During Pregnancy, some women vomit a lot, it effects their water intake badly. It leads to constipation. Women in such conditions suffer with both vomiting and constipation. Some might get affected due to iron tablets and other medication using during pregnancy. It is suggested to consume at least 8 glasses or 2 litres of water regularly. Also water should be consumed on an empty stomach for better results. In normal conditions other than pregnancy, people can take 2 litres of water at a time.

Pregnancy Tips

But pregnant women can’t consume so much at a time, so ask them to drink a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon in it or take hot raagi malt. Even consuming hot coffee helps in free passage of stool. Few may have a habbit of drinking a glass of warm water with ghee in it. These are the consumable liquids for constipation.

Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?
Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?

Movement of body by regular exercises like Kegel exercise or walking helps too. Preparing ourselves mentally to helps to get rid of this problem. Some people give us hope and quit trying to cure constipation. They say, it’s chronic and cannot be cured with any kind of medication or exercising and following god diet. One should be determined to get it cured. Also should believe that our body’s nature can be changed gradually to overcome constipation, along with putting right efforts.

One should completely avoid comfort foods and increase intake of fiber rich foods. Try and fix a particular time to pass motion, generally during mornings. Try not to be stressful, give it sometime to process. Never feel distressed if it takes time, show some patience, spend some time for it and never lose hope. In such conditions, drink some water and try doing Kegel exercise to loosen the bulk.

When the mentioned tips are followed regularly, constipation can be easily addressed. If constipation is not resolved with in time, it might lead to severe health concerns. Because, when motion is not regularly passed out, it gets accumulated and starts releasing toxins or bad bacteria. It forms as a thin layer in the intestines. It results in lower absorption of necessary and vital vitamins and nutrients via intestines. And also it causes lower immunity levels and reduces resistance power to fight infections and diseases.

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Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat

Sore throat is one of the Winter season’s common health problems. When the season changes, your throat becomes sore and itchy.

A Sore throat is a sign of pain, scratchiness or itchiness or irritation of the throat often worsens when you swallow. The most common cause of a sore throat (pharyngitis) is a viral infection, such as Cold or flu. In Order to cure Sore throat drink Cough syrups, some ginger tea and eat the right food.

Foods you must avoid during Sore Throat:

Sour Food:

Sour foods can just be bad if not worse to increase your pain and scratchiness in the throat.  Some of the sour products which one commonly eats or drink are Candy and Lemonade.

Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat
Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat


Some people complain that when they drink milk or other dairy products, their throat feels coated and causing mucus to get thicker and harder to swallow.

Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat
Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat

Spicy Food:

Spicy food can sometime also become a reason for sore throat. Some people can be easily affected, but there are some does not even get affected, so avoid it if you initially get sore throat from spicy foods.

Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat
Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat

Avoid Foods that are Difficult to Swallow:

Some dry foods such as chips, peanuts, dried fruits, popcorn and dried out cereals. These foods further when goes into the throat becomes scratchy, irritates your throat and ultimately causing more cough. Ensure these foods to be avoided or soften before consumed.

Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat
Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat

Fried Foods:

Since fried foods are generally crispy, crunchy and hardness sometime makes it so difficult to swallow. Moreover, when any crunchy thing you eat goes through your throat and it will make you uncomfortable and irritates you even more.

Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat
Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat


Avoid caffeine from coffee and carbonated soda drinks since they are very harmful during sore throat since they contain diuretic effect, cause more urination. More urination means that you are dehydrating and can dry your body fluid thus worsening sore throat. You may have sore throat now and found out difficulty in swallowing food and liquids.

Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat
Foods to Avoid during Sore Throat

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No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

The Universal one reason for people not getting what they want is they easily give up without trying the next time. There were some reasons where you have probably given up on lot of things before like “You didn’t get the job you dreamed off”, “The Business you have started failed”,The First time you sent a writing piece which got turned down”, so you just like that gave up. Likewise, it could be anything, you didn’t try again, you didn’t try different, you called it in, you packed up.

No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up
No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

Never Give Up:

Perseverance is the next important skills you could have and its just skill like any other skill in the world. You might be born with natural talent and you can stick with things and perseverance if you would like to. The Ultimate goal of this article is to get you stop giving up. Don’t let you down for just one instance, try again till you win is the best mantra you could have it in you.

Some of the strategies listed below for never giving up to help you when you feel you want to quit.


A long run or jogging can clear your mind from stress or failure and keep your mind fresh. So that you can think about the failure from different perspective and may be who knows you may find where you lack or mistake you have done and you will get an opportunity to rectify the same.

Listen to songs:

Everyone needs a push / good pump up song. If you really fed up sometime or stressed with your repeated failures, just keep aside all your stuffs plug in your headphone and listen your favorite tracks. Music will actually change your mood, clear up your past and provide some potential fresh ideas.

Cold Shower Therapy:

If you want to quit or give up your life because you are afraid to give a next attempt, I strongly advise you to take the 30 days of Cold Water Therapy and get used to stepping into something you’re afraid of and realize that it’s not bad as your imagination makes it out to be.

Always Be Realistic:

Mastering something for the first time you do it is almost non-existent. Everything takes time, off course you do mistakes. Learn from the mistakes, try again and again until you succeed.  

No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up
No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

Just Prove Yourself:

Don’t be the one who is weak and gives up easily. Just go out there and prove yourself, definitely you will achieve what you set to do and when you give up you will fail.

Motivational Speech Ever:

When I feel down or fed I use to listen to my favorite tracks and the next thing I used to do is watch some motivational speech videos from Youtube which will clear up my mind and keep on motivated.

Here is a video which will actually change your life, a wonderful speech given by Muniba Mazari. Where she says don’t give up at any point in life whereas God might have different plans for you. Problems doesn’t decide your fate.

No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

After watching this video, I am 100% sure at least 1 % changes within you will happen and that is what she keep on insisting. Life is not getting good grades or getting a high paid job and so and so. Life is being helpful to others, at least one person should laugh because of you then only you can call it as a life.

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