7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

Maximum 7 hours, that’s how long you may spend time sleeping each night or working each day. Kids in the age 8-18 spend each day on TV, Mobile and especially nowadays into social media and Online games for example PUBG.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

On the other hand, there is a concern growing for this generation of children in two centuries to have shorter life expectancy than their parents, fueled by obesity epidemic and health conditions experienced by this generation of indoor gaming kids. On a serious note this generation destined to live less hours with many hours spent staring at screens?

We hope that should not be the case. As everyone aware previous first lady Michelle Obama initiated a campaign to fight child obesity and National wildlife federation has requested Surgeon general to promote health benefits of outdoor time for children.

Kids not able to watch the screen and text or play online games when they building a snowman, splashing in a stream, digging in garden, climbing trees or scaling a rock wall.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

Here are the 8 Amazing tips to Happy and Healthy Kids:

1. Role Model:

As everyone know, for most of the kids their parents are the role model. If they see you plop on the couch and watching TV, they will also do the same. Simultaneously if they see you going for hiking or digging the garden, they will be inclined to dig and hike as well.

2. Think wisely:

Always you have to think outside the box. When you give an expensive gift to your child, they will promptly rip it open and they will start playing with the gift paper and the box. Just skip the expensive toys, breakout glass jars in order to catch and release insects. You can use gift boxes or shoe boxes for display and stow keepsake shells, dried leaves, rocks and other found treasures. It is often said that the best toy for kids are 10% of creativity and 90% of imagination.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

3. Share your Stories:

You have to share your childhood stories which you heard from your grandparents because nowadays I am not sure still how many elderly people are doing this or in other words not sure how many of them are ready to hear from them. Share your childhood games, your unforgettable incidents or build a tree house for them or run through the sprinkles to create new memories.

4. Watch and Listen Carefully:

You have to keep a track of your child’s outdoor activities. What activities they are doing and what they are talking about often. Encourage those activities and build on them. Try to find out their inner talents and lead them to grow in that field. Finding the inner talents of a kid is very important for parents because many of them are not allowing them to explore and dumping them to do another activity. Many Parents are doing this mistake, try to find out what your child is capable of. Every kid will be capable of something, finding that one is the toughest part here.

5. Sculpt:

You have to provide a chance to your children to move and create, it’s like you are sculpting their brains. Play fosters connections and prunes. As kids already knew to sculpt sand and snow, they will sculpt their future.

6. Safety:

Every parents major concern is safety, that’s why most of them are not allowing their children to play outside. Just organize a play-date which really is about playing.

7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids
7 Amazing Tips to Grow Healthy and Active Kids

7. Opportunities:

Create an opportunity for them, at any cost don’t over schedule them or yourself. Leave open the little doors, even if only for ten minutes, in order to goof off and move around and explore new things. Instead of staring a screen, outdoor activity is much better.

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