Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy – Part I

If being childless is a pain, losing by abortion is even more painful. The major reasons for this kind of incidents are tension and stress cannot be handled. Tension releases stress hormones, causing abortions. 10% – 20% of abortions happen spontaneously. Induced abortions are of 10%, rate of abortions reduces from 1st to 3rd trimesters. It is observed that first three months of pregnancy are more delicate than others. Main reason being, defective formation of embryo. Female egg and sperm combine to form an embryo.

Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy
Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy

To produce a healthy baby, it requires healthy uterus and a good embryo. Also other health concerns of mother should be addressed too.  If uterus and embryo are healthy enough, conceiving becomes easy. There are many instances regarding this kind of issue. No treatment or medication will come to rescue without having a healthy uterus and a good embryo. So the main concern here is to get mother’s health both physical and mental ready for conceiving. And indeed self-confident plays a pivotal role here.

During 2nd trimester mostly in 5th and 6th months, we find cases with uterus problems. And in the next level we face issues with blood circulation to the baby, high Bp and diabetes of the mother and baby in breach position happens. Possibility to conceive a healthy baby after an abortion is 90%. As the no of miscarriages increase, rate of conceiving reduces by 5% each time. It slides down to 50% after 4 or more abortions. For a woman after undergoing so many miscarriages, stress and tension are serious concerns. So stress needs to be addressed at the earliest as possible.

The another cause of abortion in 1st trimester is defective chromosomes, the major factor effecting the chromosomal abnormalities is environmental pollution, though we see 2-5% of defect in parental chromosomes. 10-15% due to hormonal imbalances. Immunological disorders and infections sharing each 5-10%. Air pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, ozone etc., effect too. Chemical solvents like mosquito repellents, paints, hair dyes, perfumes, plastic bottles, nail polish removers etc., effect the abortions in 1st trimester. These are known as endocrine disruptors and free radicals. These are known as endocrine disruptors and free radicals. One producers more estrogen hormones and the damages the quality of egg. Packaged, preserved, deep fried food and oils used to cook food and hydrogenated fats, dalda, sugar, and Maida will also cause problems.

Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy
Causes for Abortion during Pregnancy

It is highly advised to stop habits like smoking and consuming alcohol and also to put a check on the coffee consumption too is necessary. Men with habit of consuming 3 or more cups of coffee a day face problems like low sperm count and abnormalities in formation of embryo. Low thyroid levels also cause abortion risks. It effects both mother and baby. It is advised to get thyroid test done for pregnant women. As it effects babies too. Mothers with anemia, high Bp levels during 7-8th month pregnancy might result in low weight of baby, prematured delivery or abortions and other physical disabilities. Next, high levels of prolactin hormone might increase the chances of abortions. Both thyroid and hormones decrease the progesterone levels, causing abortions.

PCOD in women causes irregular periods due to high insulin levels in the body. It causes implantation problem. Progesterone at correct levels can move the embryo through tubes. It’s vital that Fallopian tubes are free to move after formation of egg. It brings the eggs to uterus. Lining layer of uterus should be in good condition. Consider this lining layer as the bed for the baby in the uterus. It’s important for the embryo to get attached to this layer. Progesterone plays a vital role in fetus implantation. There are 2 reasons for problem in foetal implantation to the uterus. 2/3rd of the problem is due to endometrium i.e., uterus and 1/3rd due to defect in fetus. We have to study the formation of egg and lining layer during every scan. It is always suggested to consume adequate water for better results during follicular study. Avoid coffee and tea, instead take green tea, it’s good in antioxidants. Taking more water influences the quality and functionality of eggs. Doing breathing exercises improve blood circulation, which helps in ovulation and implantation.

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