Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?

Constipation is quite common problem faced by many women during pregnancy. Progesterone hormone reduces the movement of food. Due to sluggish bowel movement, constipation occurs.

Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?
Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?
Pregnancy Tips

If we observe keenly we can find the reasons as follows:

First, a bulk or enough stool should be formed and certain level of water is required too. In the absence of water, stool becomes hard and dry, it’s progress becomes difficult. Bowel movements should be god too. It depends upon mobility of the body. People with sedentary lifestyle like no minimal walking or physical exercise face this problem. Lack of enough body movement causes it too.

Next is psychological factor. Our beliefs and emotions too play a pivotal role here. Some people face difficulty in passing stool at any place other than their own bathrooms. They won’t feel free to do it. Also people under depression or undergoing tremendous stress face this problem, reason is reduced neuro transmitter levels making the bowel motility slower, resulting in constipation. Such people usually take comfort foods. With high carbohydrates, Maida and other kinds of fast foods. It causes clogging of food, sticking it to the intestines. It is always better to avoid such kind of foods.

In order to get enough bulk formation, we should take more fiber in our food. When added with water, it easily swells up and forms into a bulk. At least 25-30 grams of fiber should be consumed per day in our diet. We get good amount of fiber in pulses, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, seeds, etc. We need to increase its quantity in our diet gradually, else will have to deal with gas formation. All leafy vegetables, pulses, small grains, certain veggies have good fiver in them. Fruits are good sources of fiber too. Specially, banana, orange and guava are good for it.

Dry fruits like raisins, figs and dates are highly recommended. Flax seeds are a good source of fiber too. When tried and powdered, it can be consumed by mixing a table spoon of it with water or butter milk. Or by adding the powder to curries, or directly with the rice. Adequate water should be consumed after eating this.

These are the changes we need to make in our diet to get rid of Constipation. Some more vital ingredients for good fiber in our diet are coriander and cumin seeds.

Next comes consumption of adequate Water. During Pregnancy, some women vomit a lot, it effects their water intake badly. It leads to constipation. Women in such conditions suffer with both vomiting and constipation. Some might get affected due to iron tablets and other medication using during pregnancy. It is suggested to consume at least 8 glasses or 2 litres of water regularly. Also water should be consumed on an empty stomach for better results. In normal conditions other than pregnancy, people can take 2 litres of water at a time.

Pregnancy Tips

But pregnant women can’t consume so much at a time, so ask them to drink a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon in it or take hot raagi malt. Even consuming hot coffee helps in free passage of stool. Few may have a habbit of drinking a glass of warm water with ghee in it. These are the consumable liquids for constipation.

Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?
Causes for Constipation | How to Overcome Constipation during Pregnancy?

Movement of body by regular exercises like Kegel exercise or walking helps too. Preparing ourselves mentally to helps to get rid of this problem. Some people give us hope and quit trying to cure constipation. They say, it’s chronic and cannot be cured with any kind of medication or exercising and following god diet. One should be determined to get it cured. Also should believe that our body’s nature can be changed gradually to overcome constipation, along with putting right efforts.

One should completely avoid comfort foods and increase intake of fiber rich foods. Try and fix a particular time to pass motion, generally during mornings. Try not to be stressful, give it sometime to process. Never feel distressed if it takes time, show some patience, spend some time for it and never lose hope. In such conditions, drink some water and try doing Kegel exercise to loosen the bulk.

When the mentioned tips are followed regularly, constipation can be easily addressed. If constipation is not resolved with in time, it might lead to severe health concerns. Because, when motion is not regularly passed out, it gets accumulated and starts releasing toxins or bad bacteria. It forms as a thin layer in the intestines. It results in lower absorption of necessary and vital vitamins and nutrients via intestines. And also it causes lower immunity levels and reduces resistance power to fight infections and diseases.

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