No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

The Universal one reason for people not getting what they want is they easily give up without trying the next time. There were some reasons where you have probably given up on lot of things before like “You didn’t get the job you dreamed off”, “The Business you have started failed”,The First time you sent a writing piece which got turned down”, so you just like that gave up. Likewise, it could be anything, you didn’t try again, you didn’t try different, you called it in, you packed up.

No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up
No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

Never Give Up:

Perseverance is the next important skills you could have and its just skill like any other skill in the world. You might be born with natural talent and you can stick with things and perseverance if you would like to. The Ultimate goal of this article is to get you stop giving up. Don’t let you down for just one instance, try again till you win is the best mantra you could have it in you.

Some of the strategies listed below for never giving up to help you when you feel you want to quit.


A long run or jogging can clear your mind from stress or failure and keep your mind fresh. So that you can think about the failure from different perspective and may be who knows you may find where you lack or mistake you have done and you will get an opportunity to rectify the same.

Listen to songs:

Everyone needs a push / good pump up song. If you really fed up sometime or stressed with your repeated failures, just keep aside all your stuffs plug in your headphone and listen your favorite tracks. Music will actually change your mood, clear up your past and provide some potential fresh ideas.

Cold Shower Therapy:

If you want to quit or give up your life because you are afraid to give a next attempt, I strongly advise you to take the 30 days of Cold Water Therapy and get used to stepping into something you’re afraid of and realize that it’s not bad as your imagination makes it out to be.

Always Be Realistic:

Mastering something for the first time you do it is almost non-existent. Everything takes time, off course you do mistakes. Learn from the mistakes, try again and again until you succeed.  

No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up
No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

Just Prove Yourself:

Don’t be the one who is weak and gives up easily. Just go out there and prove yourself, definitely you will achieve what you set to do and when you give up you will fail.

Motivational Speech Ever:

When I feel down or fed I use to listen to my favorite tracks and the next thing I used to do is watch some motivational speech videos from Youtube which will clear up my mind and keep on motivated.

Here is a video which will actually change your life, a wonderful speech given by Muniba Mazari. Where she says don’t give up at any point in life whereas God might have different plans for you. Problems doesn’t decide your fate.

No Matter What Never Give Up | Strategies for Never Giving Up

After watching this video, I am 100% sure at least 1 % changes within you will happen and that is what she keep on insisting. Life is not getting good grades or getting a high paid job and so and so. Life is being helpful to others, at least one person should laugh because of you then only you can call it as a life.

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