How Music Helps Relieve Stress and Depression | Stress Relief Music

What is Music?

In short I would like to describe Music as a “Life Saver”. It is a form of art, an expression of emotions which gives you Goosebumps often. Music is all around us. We can find music from Birds chirping, Waves lapping in coastline to cars honking in traffic.

How Music Helps Relieve Stress and Depression | Stress Relief Music
How Music Helps Relieve Stress and Depression | Stress Relief Music

The most prominent technique which I use to relieve from office stress or depression is music.  Because when I listen to music it keeps me calm makes my mind to get relaxed from everything. I personally use music as an escape from everyone. Before start writing any article or blog I use to listen to my favorite tracks to make my mind fresh and active. It keeps you to relax and allows to focus on whatever work you are doing.

Many of my clients/friends use to talk about music like how it is well for stress and helps slow down the heartbeat when they are nervous or when they have had a long day at work or at school. There is a scientific proven research tells that “Music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse rate, and heartbeat, reduces the blood pressure and you can find there is a decrease in the levels of stress hormones”. To me this lines are real because I have been through it and I am sure many of you will go through the same situation.

How Music Helps Relieve Stress and Depression | Stress Relief Music
How Music Helps Relieve Stress and Depression | Stress Relief Music

There are different types of music listeners, for example some people will have a certain set of tracks which they will keep on repeating the same, some will prefer to listen to slower melody songs and some will prefer classical. Sometimes even some songs that rouse our emotions and memories. When you actually listen to upbeat or jazz songs it will help you to reduce from burdens and exhaustion and indeed you can dance if you know to do so.

There is a statement like “Don’t decide or leave words when you are in anger”. Yes, it’s 100% true. When you have a heated conversation with your partner or with someone, people use to take some hard decisions or leave some heavy words which you can’t take back or rewind the scenario. Later on when you became normal you will realize the words you have spoken and feel guilty. So my kind advice to you is when you are in anger or stress just stop what you are doing go to a calm place and hear some of your favorite music and I am really saying it will help you to reduce your anger or divert you from that mood. I use to follow this method and really works. If still music doesn’t work have a quick sleep your mind will get refreshed, then you can think to come out of that scenario.

Earlier this week I was invited by a school for a counseling session, especially on the amount of stress students are given when handling school objectives, extracurricular activities and chores. So I mainly insisted them on Music, secondarily I also advised them to do Gym, Yoga and swimming which keeps their mind calm and fresh. Because in this modern world Students became more sensitive and depressed easily which leads to any critical decisions.  I can see or hear from the news that students attempting suicide because of their depression or stress. The only solution is to talk each other, Parents has to spend some quality time at least for 20 minutes they have to talk with their kids like what happened in school, what you have learnt today. Then only the students will be able to talk or share.

How Music Helps Relieve Stress and Depression | Stress Relief Music
How Music Helps Relieve Stress and Depression | Stress Relief Music

There are some Music Therapies used to treat “Mental Health Needs”, “Autism”, “Brain Injuries”, “Physical Disabilities” and “Developmental and learning disabilities”. There are many ways to overcome from stress or depression or to achieve relaxation but Music is the best easier approach. Whenever life puts you down, or you are emotionally weak just take out your headphones, plug them and play your favorite tracks. Daily we are facing different problems in life, to overcome such problems, a significant tool is Music.

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