Drink Warm Water in the Morning | Benefits of Warm Water

Most of the people prefer to start the day with coffee or warm cup of tea. But, nowadays most people who drink hot water is known as holistic health remedy, do so first thing in the morning for optimal health benefit. The best water to drink should be warmed between (120-degree F / 50-degree C) and (140-degree F/ 60-degree C). But you must avoid from 160 degrees as it can be too hot. At Best is to drink 2 glass of warm water and you can also add a twist of lemon for a Vitamin-C boost to flavor it up much more.

Drink Warm Water in the Morning | Benefits of Warm Water
Drink Warm Water in the Morning | Benefits of Warm Water

Benefits of Drinking Warm water:

1. Lose your Body weight:

By drinking warm water can help to increase your body temperature that works great to accelerate your metabolic rate in the morning. Since warm water has zero calorie, so it helps to prevents hunger and also satisfies your senses.

Drink Warm Water in the Morning | Benefits of Warm Water
Drink Warm Water in the Morning | Benefits of Warm Water

2. Body Detoxification:

Very few people know that warm water can actually acts as a powerful remedy to cleanse your body by flushing our harmful toxing trapped in your body through your sweat and urine. Best result is to include some lemon juice or with honey into the warm water.

3. Promote Digestion:

Drinking warm water, especially during your meals helps in the digestion of the food you eat by speeding up in the break down process. It also enhances digestion, improves bowel movements, prevents constipation and also restore your body electrolyte and Minerals

4. Prevents Premature Ageing:

By cleansing your body’s toxin, the warm water helps to boost your skins’s elasticity and improves skin repairs. Thus this reduces the signs of premature ageing like skin wrinkles, dry skin and also dark patches.

5. Soothe Cough and Cold:

The best effective way to cure from cough, cold and sore throat has always worked after drinking warm water. Water will thin down the phlegm and promote instant relief from respiratory sicknesses, productive cough.

6. Relieve Pain:

Old remedy works great by using hot water packet to soothe muscle pain and swelling due to muscle cramps, also helps menstrual pain and headache by boosting blood flow and relaxation. If your muscle cramps or spasms next time, then find a hot water pack to apply on the affected area to ease the pain.

7. Powerful Workout Drink:

Drink warm water after an intensive workout not just replenishes vitamins and minerals in your body, but also rehydrates you and kick-starts your metabolic processes, so you can replace your energy drink now.  Warm water also ensures calorie burning process post-workout continues, thus faster achieve weight loss.

8. Induces Sleep:

During your dinner meal, or before sleep time, sip some warm water can also help your body to relax and soothes your nerves for easier and deeper sleep.

Drink Warm Water in the Morning | Benefits of Warm Water
Drink Warm Water in the Morning | Benefits of Warm Water

9. Enhances Blood Circulation:

Your fat stored and toxins in the blood will be removed from the body to lower your risk of health problems when you consistently drink warm water.

10. Protects Against Skin Infections:

Daily consumption of warm water detoxifies your skin that helps to lower risk of skin problems such as acne. This is why you should drink at least 8 glasses of warm water daily. Reason is that warm water will unclog your pores and flushes away the toxins inside your skin, also moisturize dry and parch skin.

11. Reduces Risk Water-Borne Diseases:

The reason is, boiling water removes the microbes or bacteria exist inside the water, this is why it is better than cold or room temperature water.

So to conclude starting from tomorrow morning, please start to drink 2 glasses of warm water when you wake up, and in total 8 glasses of warm water per day will keep you younger.

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