Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored

Heart disease is known as number one disease caused to men and women at about 40% of all diseases, which more than all forms of Cancer combined.

The Key reason to heart block is that many people seek help very slowly even after symptoms had arisen, or at worst until when gripped by sudden chest pain. Even though Heart symptoms are not always intense or obvious, yet they can be slowly or suddenly that varies from person to person and also based on your gender too.

Possible Heart Symptoms you should never ignore:

1. Anxiety:

Heart attacks can unnoticeably be causing your anxiety intense of a fear of death, this is why heart attack survivors often talk about having the feeling of something bad is going to happen.

Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored
Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored

2. Chest Discomfort:

The feeling of uneasiness in your chest is usual symptoms of heart attack and also number one symptom to aware.  However not entirely that the heart attacks would cause chest discomfort only, while the chest discomfort can come from diseases that are not related to heart. Chest discomfort frequently located at the center under the breastbone or also can be located slightly to the left of center. The Experience of chest discomfort often described as the feeling of an elephant sitting on the chest, also refer as squeezing, pressure or fullness. Women often describe the discomfort as a minor ache and often feeling with a burning sensation in their chest instead of pressure or pain when compared to man’s feeling.

Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored
Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored

3. Cough:

Coughing or Wheezing that are persistent also known as the heart failure symptom, which is due to fluid accumulation in the lungs, at worst case there are heart failure people who cough up bloody phlegm.

4. Light-Headedness:

Heart attacks can also show with symptom like dizziness and loss consciousness, which are related risk of dangerous heart rhythm abnormalities as arrhythmias.

Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored
Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored

5. Fatigue:

Unusual kind of fatigue symptoms can happen among women during a heart attack, often feeling tired can be symptom of heart failure. Thus, you can also feel tired or fatigued due to other reasons, this is why your internet doctor will not be helpful in determining your heart issues, so appoint with your local healthcare to find out exactly what happened.

6. Losing Appetite & Nausea:

If you feel sick in stomach or throw up, these are also the common symptoms during a heart attack. Due to swelling in abdominal, that are linked with heart failure as well as affecting you to lose appetite.


7. Other parts of your Body feeling Pain:

Various cases of heart attack patient will have beginning of discomfort in their chest, then the pain will spread toward their shoulders, back, arms, elbows, neck jaw, or abdomen. Occasionally you find no pain at the chest, but there are pains in these mentioned other body parts that might come and go with discomfort. Specifically, for men who have heart attack often experience discomfort in their left arm, while women feel the pain more likely in both arms or between their shoulder blades.

Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored
Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored

8. Irregular Fast Pulse:

Infrequent skipped heartbeat has nothing to worry about according to doctor, but a fast or irregular pulse especially when comes with fatigue, dizziness or breath shortage can be the true indication of heart attack, heart failure, or even an arrhythmia. If this rapid irregular pulse we not being treated, the risk of arrhythmias can cause stroke, heart failure or unexpected diseases.

Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored
Heart Attack Symptoms | Symptoms not to be Ignored

9. Breathing Difficulty:

If you are gasping for air with minimal struggle, that could be a pulmonary condition like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD). However, if you are experiencing shortness of breath, that can be the sign of a heart attack or heart failure, especially when comes with or without chest discomfort.

10. Sweating:

If you sweat more than usually you are even if you are not active or exercising, then that can be an early sign of heart problems. When blood pump through the clogged arteries, that requires more work from your heart, this is why your body will sweat more in order to keep your body temperature down during the extra exertion. Especially the sign of cold sweats or clammy skin should get your doctor advice sooner. Women who experience sign of a heart attack, especially if you wake up and find out the sheets are soaked in sweat, or not able to sleep due to sweating.


Fluid that accumulate in body can causes swelling (often in the feet, ankles, legs or abdomen) often caused by heart failure including sudden weight gain and loss appetite.

12. Feeling Weak:

If you experience severe or unexplained weakness, that are cause from heart attack symptom. Since these heart symptoms are often ignored, so doctors would warn all people to not ignore any possible warning signs or waiting to see if they go away or simply blaming on other factors like heartburn, muscle soreness or other less serious non-heart related causes.

If you are experiencing these heart symptoms, you must be alert sooner, high in cholesterol or blood pressure, obesity, smoking diabetes or has family history of heart diseases.


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