11 Reasons for not losing weight | Best Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not an easy achievement, however it is even harder if you don’t know what you are mistaking in your failed efforts to lose weight. Experts in nutrition, fitness and lifestyle are revealing the factors that could be causing weight lose into wrong directions

1.  Not exercising with intervals:

If you are exercising but always having a few long breaks between exercise sets, which does not help your body to lose those weight efficiently. So, best way is by using intervals periods of intense training for more reps or maximum effort with short periods of rest in between for the reason to increase your workout routine’s fat burning potential. Full body Tabata workout is the best example by getting in a 30 minutes’ workout, but an intense workout like this are just as good as a slow 1-hour workout. With Tabata workout types, it will burn up more calories to break the monotony and also increase metabolism happen in your body to lose those stubborn weight.

Lose weight
11 Reasons for not losing weight | Best Way to Lose Weight
Not exercising with intervals

2. Often drinking Sports/Energy Drink:

After exercising, it is common that you consume the readily available electrolyte filled 20-oz sports beverage can often are rich in sugar amount at around 34g. Most of the time when we are really tired after workout, we automatically feel the need to replenish with sweet beverage sports drink.  So, this is why whenever you are doing workout lasting longer than 1 hour, you should then consume sport drink in moderation. But if you are doing workout for lesser than 60 minutes, then just focus on drinking mineral water.

11 Reasons for not losing weight | Best Way to Lose Weight
Often drinking Sports/Energy Drink

3. Consuming Protein Bars:

Nutrition friendly post workout snack such as the protein bars, can already supply your body with largely a 500 calories and 18g of fats. So the best fitness suggestion is to consume the post workout natural whole food, which supplies your body with muscle building protein and energy replenishing carbs.

4. Post Meal Snacks:

Night time eating is not what causing the weight, but the matter is what you consumed after is important. Most of the time, people are tempted to eat the easily available crackers, chips, cookies, etc.  Experts suggest for losing weight, you should be substituting carb loaded snacks with cottage cheese, almonds, celery and peanut butter after your dinner if your hunger craves had strikes.

11 Reasons for not losing weight | Best Way to Lose Weight
Post Meal Snacks

5. Not Enough Sleep:

Studies had revealed that sleep deficiency can cause mindless eating throughout the day and can cause poor workouts experience that ends up affecting decision to eat and workout decision become uncertain. Especially when you are feeling fatigued during the day, then you are most likely not able to have power to perform the workout intense enough to burn significant calories. This is why you should sleep at least 7 to 9 hours a night to enhance weight loss.

11 Reasons for not losing weight | Best Way to Lose Weight
Not Enough Sleep

6. Not Eating Enough:

If you often missed your meals and snacks may seem like a dependable way to lose weight, but will always ends up going wrong. Missing your meals can cause your cravings and can harm your metabolism, so it’s best to eat on time habitually. Eat 3 hours after big meals and 2 hours after snacks as a routine for your daily eating lifestyle method. If you are working out, nutritionists recommend eating something within 30 minutes right after your workout exercise.

Lose weight

7. Schedule your weight lose plan:

Make sure when It comes to eating and exercise you do not want to miss it. By planning accordingly, you will get into the right direction whenever your school work, works personal matter gets was suddenly interrupting. It is best that you do planning on scheduling.

8. Your Stress is Pilling Up:

Stress eating will disrupt your weight loss efforts, so remember to perform Meditation, Yoga or Gym exercise. Especially for people who are under stress and feel like you don’t have enough time in the day, then you should do these exercises more because that will clear your mind and stay calm to make appropriate decision.

11 Reasons for not losing weight | Best Way to Lose Weight
Your Stress is Pilling Up

9. Forget To Drink Enough Water:

Remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day can hydrate your body, yet it also speeds up your metabolism and keep you slower from hunger. If you feel hungry next time, try drinking a glass of water to lower the cravings first. But if you still feel hungry, you can grab a handful of healthy snack, so that you can reduce from overeating.

11 Reasons for not losing weight | Best Way to Lose Weight
Forget To Drink Enough Water

10. Being Distracted While Eating:

You are easier to eat more while eating in front of the TV or computer, since you will lose some consciousness while paying attention to the screen. So, when your awareness is merely just focusing on the food, then you are more likely to stop eating when you are full, thus you can eat at appropriate amount.

Lose weight

11. Don’t Replenish The Right Way:

Often we used to over eat during a day’s work out, such as you will eat a nutrition bar before going out for a 30 minutes’ jog, then after finish workout with a supplementary drink, which is way more than needed. If the workout is 2-3 hours long and after workout snacks or meal is skipped, then overeating later in the day is more likely to happen. So after a workout, it it’s fat burning after a high intensity interval training workout, then recommended by expert to eat salad and protein. If you are doing light exercises such as walking, jogging, stretching, the definitely by eating carbs such as baked plantain or sweet potato, brown rice are recommended.  It is very healthy to lose weight by eating least 60% of foods is raw and the rest cooked.

Be sure to remember avoiding these mistakes which cause people to fail the efforts of losing weight.

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