Four reasons why Sleeping is important?

Our assumption is when we sleep we are giving rest to mind and body. But that is not the case, sleeping is the active period whereas our mind gets stabled and restored. The average sleeping hours for a grown adult is eight hours minimum. And for kids minimum Ten to twelve hours.  Sometimes if you feel stressed or not in a position to take a decision just have a quick sleep and think again your brain will get restored and you can able to explore new ideas. Listing out four major reasons why we need more sleep.

To maintain weight:

Improving your sleep can be the pivotal reason to maintain weight. Many studies proved that who sleeps less than 6 hours are more likely to have higher BMI (Body Mass Index). Poor sleep will lead to food cravings sooner.

Improves memory:

If you sleep properly your memory gets stabilized and strengthened and even during daytime naps. Regular sleeping helps the brain to put together the events that have happened during the day and ensure that it gets stored as a long term memory.

Muscle Building:

People who hits the gym will definitely sleep for eight hours. Gym sessions could help in muscle building. The actual growth of muscle happens when the body is at rest. During weight training at the gym seems to break down your muscle fibers. Hence the actual building of those sore muscles happens only when you sleep.

Healthy Heart:

Research shows that people who sleeps for eight hours are less likely to suffer from strokes or cardiac arrest. Sleep helps to keep the blood pressure at lower level and heart less stressed while pumping blood. Insufficient sleeps lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes which results in Cardiac arrest.

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