Can we take bath after eating?

Definitely not a good practice to do so. Taking bath after eating will interfere the process of digestion. People who have slow digestion mechanism will highly suffer because of this. This leads to indigestion, acidity or stomach ache. For some cases people will faint. Our digestion system requires lot of energy and a good blood flow towards the stomach. So when you take bath right after your meal it will affects the body temperature. Normally it is advised to wait at least one hour to get digested or taking bath before meal is well and good.

Digestive problems

Our ancestors followed all these processes and had a healthy life. Normally when you take bath after your meal it directly affects the blood flow and as a result some chemical substances been released and transport more of blood to the nerves system. As a result, because of the low body temperature the digestive process been ignored which leads to some other major digestion problems.

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