Think for a Moment!

Life is not like a game or movie to either start again or rewind back to the previous scene or incident. Once it is happened its done you can’t roll back. Today when I am traveling back to home there was an incident where two bikers riding without any safety gears at high speed who doesn’t know what’s waiting for them in the next five minutes. The motive here is to showcase themselves as hero, to impress girls, or to race with others. I am not saying they don’t have talent, but riding in public is not the right forum. There is a separate platform for racers, showcase your talent there, ride for your state, ride for your city or country.

Then it is called a racing and people will appraise you. At-last here what happened, the two met with an accident. One dead on the spot and another taken to the hospital. Think about their family for a second!. A mother will be waiting for his son with his favorite dish cooked. A wife or kid will be waiting for him to share the incidents happened for the day and have supper together.

But here the person lying on the road bleeding. Don’t think that someone will save you. Everyone is busy with their priorities to focus, they will just feel pity for a second and leave. Only you have to be careful and save yourselves. Before over-speeding realize what you are doing at that moment, control your mind from temporary fun ride. It might be your passion but what if it goes wrong. If any good souls there in the spot might call ambulance or pass the information to the family. The person who was taken to hospital might recovered soon, but think for a moment if he is loosing his hand or leg. Just think about your family, your friends for a minute. I recently came across a Facebook post which says a person kept his family picture nearby his car digital meter. Whenever he starts his car, it reminds him of his family which makes him conscious to avoid over-speeding. I am not asking you to keep the picture in the same way but before starting your vehicle just think for a moment about your family which I am doing it regularly. Dear minds, life is precious, once it is lost you can’t get back. Ride safely!!

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