Dessert after meal?

There is a common habit within the people after having meal to have a dessert to fulfill the meal course. Without that they won’t feel complete. People who are in diet will sometimes ask why can’t i have just a piece of sweet after meal. Quantity doesn’t matter, a drop of poison will make the entire bowl poisoned. It is not a healthy habit to have sweets after meals. Already the required proteins, vitamins, sugar, fibre etc will be there in the meal. If you add more sugar to it then having diet meal is a complete mess. Instead try to have fruits. Thats the better way to make you feel fulfilled.

If you still feel like having sweet, then there is an alternate for white sugar. You can have Brown sugar(contains molasses), Coconut sugar(made up from coconut palm tree) or Natural Honey. You can have sweets made up with these ingredients but with less quantity and mainly give a time gap from your meal. Your meal should get digested or else it will get collapsed.

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